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Microsoft released a bad patch – KB3097877

Microsoft released a bad patch – KB3097877 it causes errors in outlook.

If you have machines that did get the original KB3097877 please go to control panel and uninstall it.

KB3097877 – Microsoft reissued an update patch early Thursday morning. It is just too early to know if it is safe to deploy yet.

The problems initially reported with KB3097877 was “Crashing that occurred in all supported versions of Microsoft Outlook when users were reading certain emails”, Problems that occurred while users were logging on to the system. For example, after a user restarted the computer and then pressed Ctrl+Alt+Delete at the logon screen, the screen flashed in and out repeatedly and woulf prevent users from logging in. The user was then unable to continue. There may be other, similar logon issues that are related to this issue. Using and alternative login and removing the patch worked on most systems.

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